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Recommending the most suitable laser cutteraccording to the demands,helping with the im-porting process and making it easy and clear forour customers are basic rules for every ThunderLaser sales person

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No need fear about the unexpected problem on your laser cutter in the future.Machine fault is not terrible, according to our customers, what terrify them is that they cannot get timely support from supplier after the problem occurs and delay the delivery time.

In order to help our customers solve problems promptly,Thunder Laser has been dedicated to the collection and accumulation of a large number of users’ FAQs and troubleshooting solutions;What’s more, we have labels on every detailed position on Thunder Laser equipment. It facillitates quickly checking and identifying the root causes of the problem.And that’s why Thunder can give an effective solution faster.


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Concise designs and elaborately prepared videos enable you to operate your
laser as soon as you receive it. Isn’t it a saving of your time cost?

Laser Application

Laser acrylic cutting – DIY acrylic clock

Laser Cut Engraved Samples Parameters

3D laser Engraving

laser cut 0.79in/20mm acrylic

How To Make A Gift For Your Lover By Laser Cutter ?

Laser Cut wooden Arts and Crafts

laser engraving on jeans/denim

Laser cutting for acrylic signs

Laser Machine

Thunder Laser Nova Series 2020

How to unpack the Nova crate

▷ 1 How to setup your nova laser cutter

▷ 2 Functions of display panel

▷ 3 How to Use Motorized Table

▷ 4 How to use auto focus

▷ 5 How to manual adjust focus distance

▷ 6 How to install HR head

Laser Software

▷1 How to Draw Simple Graphics

▷2 How to Change the Size of an Object

▷3 How to Change the Layer Color

▷4 How to Align Objects

▷5 How to Flip an Object

▷6 How to Select Objects of the Same Color

▷7 How to Close a Curve

▷8 Change the Criterion of Coordinate

Advanced Tutorial

01-3D Laser engraving

02—How power affects the engraving quality

03—How speed affects the engraving quality

04—How Blow affects the carving effect

05—How interval affects the engraving quality

06—How focus distance affects the engraving quality

07—How to choose laser suitable images

08—How to skills of processing photos


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