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MDF laser cutting machine

First of all, the selection of the laser tube is very important for the laser cutting spot to be thinner.

It is recommended to use a 100-watt thermal stimulation light tube or an 80-watt thermal stimulation light tube for the laser tube. The higher the power, the thicker the lasertube
spot. Then some friends will definitely ask that the power of 60 watts is lower, and the light spot is thinner? Although the 60-watt light spot is small, the efficiency is low, and the 60-watt laser tube has a short lifespan, and it will not take long to replace the tube. Like one of our major customers who make wooden model toys, the factory operates three shifts a day, and the machine is turned on 24 hours a day. If the production capacity of 60 watts is completely unsatisfactory, and the laser tube needs to be replaced frequently, time is money, which is very delaying things.

Secondly, the selection of the focal length of the focusing lens is also very important.

The smaller the focal length, the finer the light spot. The focal length can be 50.8mm. If you are smart, you will ask me, isn’t the 38.1mm focal length lower? Aren’t the spots thinner? You can use 38.1mm, you have to ensure that your board is absolutely level and flat, otherwise it will not be fragrant at all if the scrap rate reaches 50% after cutting a board.

Then, the planks should be as flat as possible.

Some customers will find that after cutting one version, the lines are thick in some places, thin in some places, and some are not even cut through, and they will doubt whether there is a problem with the laser tube or the machine. Uneven, raised areas. It is recommended that customers and friends can make a fixture to flatten the board.

Finally, the air compressor must be matched.

An air compressor is required for cutting boards, so that the cutting lines will be thinner, and the surface and back of the boards will be cleaner, because the large air output of the air compressor can take away a large part of the heat of the laser burning. However, if the back of the sheet is in contact with the blade, the back of the material will burn black due to the reflection of the laser by the blade, so the supporting blade should be fully evacuated as much as possible. It has been reminded many times that an air compressor must be equipped with a cold dryer, because the oil-water separator alone is not enough, and the air from the air compressor will still contain water and oil, which will cause the lens to crack easily.

CO2 laser marking machine


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