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Explore our diverse collection of cutting-edge laser laser machine models, meticulously crafted by Thunder Laser.

From high precision engraving to powerful cutting capabilities, each one is engineered to elevate your creativity and productivity. Discover the perfect laser solution tailored to your needs. 

Browse our valuable CO2 laser machines and our finest fiber machines to unleash the potential of Thunder Laser technology!


Nova 24 | Laser engraving machine

Work Area:600x400mm  Laser Power:40-60Watt

Nova 35 | Laser cutting machine

Work Area:900x600mm Laser Power:80-130Watt

Nova 51 | Laser cutting machine

Work Area: 1300x900mm Laser Power:100-130Watt

Nova 63 | Laser cutting machine

Work Area: 1600x1000mm Laser Power:100-130Watt

Odin 22 | Laser engraving machine

Work Area: 559 x 381 mm Laser Power:30 Watt

Odin 32 | Laser engraving machine

Work Area: 813 x 508 mm Laser Power:55 Watt

Mini 60 | Laser cutting machine

Work Area: 600 x 400 mm Laser Power:40 Watt
small laser engraver

Thunder Bolt | Laser engraving machine

Work Area: 508 x 305 mm Laser Power:30 Watt

Aurora | Metal engraving machine

Work Area: 110×110 up to 200x200mm Laser Power:20w,50w,20w MOPA

Even Cool

3D Cutting and Engraving

The CO2 laser machine australia can make 3D printing effects,such as 3D laser cutting and engraving.

More Creativity

Cutting & Engraving & Marking

The three main functions of Thunder Laser machine-cutting,engraving and marking-combine to create a huge array of designs and laser products.

laser wood
co2 laser australia Cutting Technology

Cutting Technology

Desktop Nova24 is a suitable tool for basic makers to start Nova24 offers the best innovative technology on the market, it’s easy to cut 3/8″ acrylic and other thin materials.

co2 laser australia Marking Technology

Marking Technology

Using our HR Head, it’s easy to create sharp welbe images or photos on metal acrylicwood and glass.

co2 laser australia Engraving Technology

Engraving Technology

Nova24 takes engraving to a high level creating pieces of amazing and craftsmanship. It can engrave on many kinds of materials, like wood acrylic, plastic, rubber etc.

Better work with accessories

co2 laser LCD Panel

LCD Panel

You can control many of the laser functions right from the
LCD panel on laser machine. Things like auto-focus,framing your project
before you cut, lifting and lowering the motorized table
and different file selection.There is also a USB and Ethernet
port to upload files and images for engraving

HR Laser Head

Our High Resolution head allows you to create stunning

engravings and intricate cuts.With this headyou increase

the DPI by 2x so if you want to achieve lots of small details 

in laser machine,this is your head.

co2 laser australia HR Laser Head
co2 laser Smart Board

Smart Board

Our Smart Board ensures a peaceful engraving experience.
This programmable board allows you to control howlong
the exhaust blower and air assist stay on after cutting in laser machine.

No more unnecessary loud fans!

Two Way Pass

Our Two Way Pass through feature comes on all of our
machines. This will allow you to cut materials larger than
your bed size by sliding them through the slots on front
and behind of the laser machine.

co2 laser australia two Way Pass

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