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Wide application of laser cutting machine

Laser cutting machine has penetrated into all aspects of our lives, and is also widely used. Although there are many ways to cut the workpiece, the laser cutting machine is different from the usual cutting way. It mainly cuts the object through the way of laser. It is suitable for cutting a variety of materials, such as acrylic, leather, cloth, metal and so on. According to the size of the power format, it can be used in different industries.

Fabric cutting can be used in clothing, carpet, industrial fabrics, etc., acrylic cutting machine can be used in acrylic crafts, wood cutting can be used for model making, metal cutting can replace the original cutting to do all kinds of metal products, etc.

Before 2000, there were not too many domestic garment laser processing enterprises. But now, laser equipment manufacturers have sprung up, and the number of domestic enterprises has reached dozens. The application of laser technology in the clothing industry has played a role in boosting the competitiveness of China’s clothing processing and clothing brands. But in the face of so many enterprises, how can garment enterprises choose processing equipment correctly so that they can get the maximum return with less investment? From the following aspects of the purchase of laser equipment need to pay attention to the place to be explained, hope to help the majority of friends in the clothing industry. How to choose the right model

At present, the main products of laser processing equipment used in the clothing industry are high-speed laser cutting machine, automatic laser cutting machine, laser cutting bed, mutual moving double head laser cutting machine, automatic laser cutting machine and laser marking machine. Each kind of equipment’s different plus: positive format is different. Besides laser marking machine, the above equipment can carry out cloth cutting, garment proofing, trademark, cloth embroidery cutting, leather carving and drilling, denim spray, embroidery and other processes. As far as the automatic laser cutting machine is concerned, its platform can move, and the purpose of automatic processing can be realized by cooperating with the feeding device. Laser cutting machine is mainly used in large format processing; In addition to adhering to the characteristics of laser cutting, the two laser heads of the mutual moving double head laser cutting machine can work together or separately; The automatic trademark cutting machine can automatically identify, model and search the patterns such as trademark and embroidery, and also can collect and automatically identify the patterns similar to the standard graphics.

So clothing enterprises in the purchase of equipment, first to make clear their enterprise’s production range, processing materials and processing capacity, so as to determine the type of equipment to be purchased, format and quantity, for the later purchase work to do a simple bedding.

In short, the most fundamental reason why laser cutting machine can be applied in a variety of industries is that it can control and adjust the power to make the laser cutting machine continuously applied. The future trend of laser cutting machine will be more extensive.

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