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How to use laser cutting machine safely

With the popularity of Laser cutting machine market, more and more widely used, the size of the machine is becoming smaller and smaller, and even home mini laser cutting machine. So safety is one of the most important things, so how to operate the laser cutting machine to achieve safety? Old driver to take you!

First of all, we should understand the basic operation steps and performance of the machine. Before starting the machine, we should check the system and other accessories, especially the shutter switch. The fire extinguisher should be equipped near the laser cutting machine in case of emergency, and the use mode of the fire extinguisher should be mastered. Isolation measures should be taken to ensure that the leaked laser is below the emission limit, and warning signs should be set. Settings such as: forbid outsiders to enter, laser radiation inside, pay attention to eye protection, laser cutting machine work, no one is allowed to approach, etc.

Laser cutting machine in the process of operation is strictly prohibited to open the machine cover, machine operators are strictly prohibited to drink or fatigue operation, general accidents are caused by negligence irreparable injury. It is strictly forbidden to carry metal products when repairing the machine. Metal products are easy to cause electric shock. The maintenance and adjustment of laser and photoconductive system is a more dangerous work. It can not be repaired by one person alone, but by two people together. It is forbidden to output laser beam when the machine has no material, otherwise it is easy to cause personnel accidents and equipment damage. Flammable and explosive materials must not be placed beside the equipment, and the surface of materials must not have oil stains, otherwise it is easy to cause fire.

The working area of the laser cutting machine should be kept ventilated and clean, which is conducive to the emission of harmful gases. It is strictly forbidden to get close to the laser cutting machine during operation. If it is an open worktable, it will extend 500mm outwards. The moving beam in this area will impact the human body, the moving beam and the fixed bed, door and base may squeeze the human body, the sharp object or needle like supporting thimble may stab or stab the human body, and the high power density laser may cause fatal harm to the human body.

The operators of laser cutting machine shall wear goggles and protective clothing to prevent the machine from damaging eyes due to metal spatter or other reasons during cutting. When leaving the machine, the operator must take the switch key of power supply and the key of laser to avoid accidents caused by other people’s wrong operation. If the lens of laser cutter is damaged, they cannot touch it directly by hand, Damaged lenses cannot be handled in the usual way. Special maintenance personnel should be called to deal with them to avoid other accidents.

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