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What knowledge do you need to know to learn laser cutting operation?

As one of the most popular material processing methods, laser cutting has been widely used in many industries, such as automobile manufacturing, hardware processing, tableware and kitchenware, clothing leather, advertising decoration, aerospace and so on.

It is not difficult for new operators to learn how to control laser equipment. Only three kinds of knowledge are required.

1、Map reading and drawing

Drawing is one of the basic basic knowledge of laser operation. The laser equipment itself can not make drawings. If you want to process, you need to import the patterns prepared in advance. For operators, they need to have a basic understanding of coordinate system, vector diagram and other knowledge, know the concepts of format, coordinate and vector diagram, and have basic knowledge of image editing software such as CAD, CDR and AI. Usually, the design part will be completed by colleagues. For ordinary operators, this part can only be understood.

In addition to the general drawing knowledge, the operator also needs to understand the relevant operation of the image in the laser software. Although the laser software corresponding to different laser cards is different and the operation mode is different, the main functions of image processing in the mainstream laser software will not be too different. This part needs to be trained or self-taught by the manufacturer.

2、Basic knowledge of laser processing

The method of laser cutting is that the laser beam irradiates the surface of the workpiece. Through the conversion between electro-optical heat energy, the temperature at the beam irradiation place rises rapidly, and the material melts and vaporizes to form holes. With the movement of the beam, the holes are connected to form lines gradually. Unlike traditional cutting, laser cutting is a non-contact thermal processing, and the processing medium is light, so the corresponding knowledge points are also very different.

In this regard, we need to understand various laser related knowledge, including the influence of laser power, pulse frequency, laser speed, type and pressure of auxiliary gas, focus position and other factors on cutting.

This kind of knowledge is the core point of laser operation, has the most direct impact on the processing results, and is the place where we need to study hard. For example, how to adjust the laser power when processing different materials with different thicknesses, how to make the laser speed fast without confusion when facing the pattern size, how to select the laser focus to avoid burrs, etc

3、Machine tool related knowledge

This part is the general knowledge of the machinery industry, including motor, moving shaft, cooling Xu Tong, etc. students or employees of relevant majors should have learned or understood the relevant knowledge. Relatively speaking, this part is familiar to operators. The difference lies in the unique knowledge such as lines and indicator lights on the laser equipment. For students with basic knowledge, this part can be understood after several times.

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