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Application of laser marking technology in automobile production

As a kind of high-priced product with tens of thousands or even millions of dollars, people are often cautious when buying cars. Its appearance, interior decoration and automobile quality are two major factors for purchase. Many manufacturers are constantly upgrading their R & D, pursuing fashionable appearance and good quality. Let’s talk about the role of laser radium carving technology in the manufacture of automobile interior and exterior decoration.

CO2 laser marking machine

Laser laser engraving process, also known as laser marking, is a process of using laser marking machine to mark plastic parts and metal parts of automobile interior trim with two-dimensional code, bar code, clear code, production date, serial number, logo, pattern, certification mark, warning mark and other information. It can be used for frame number laser engraving, automobile instrument panel marking, automobile light transmitting button marking, central console texture laser engraving, etc. Increase the added value of the car.

Compared with the traditional printing and dyeing process, the laser marking machine has many advantages, such as clear marking, fast marking speed, high efficiency, corrosion and wear resistance, and low cost. The laser marking machine has high precision, small deformation, small thermal impact, and high-efficiency marking speed and quality to ensure low-cost operation and high feasibility without restrictions. Laser marking of auto parts can reduce the number of parts, reduce the cost and improve the dimensional accuracy. It does not need heat treatment, has strong flexibility and realizes the advantages of fast speed.

The laser marking machine is very suitable for creating traceability and tamper proof identification of motor components or complete vehicles. There are hundreds of parts in each vehicle, and almost all materials can be marked by laser. Usually, there are solutions to every problem. Some mature automotive parts marking applications are: gearbox parts marking, VIN nameplate and identification label, vehicle glass safety code etching, display marking of instruments and switches, two-dimensional matrix marking of automotive moving parts, etc.

The method of is that the laser beam irradiates the surface of the workpiece. Through the conversion between electro-optical heat energy, the temperature at the beam irradiation place rises rapidly, and the material melts and vaporizes to form holes. With the movement of the beam, the holes are connected to form lines gradually. Unlike traditional cutting, laser cutting is a non-contact thermal processing, and the processing medium is light, so the corresponding knowledge points are also very different.


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