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Maintenance methods and precautions of laser cutting machine

Maintenance method of Laser cutting machine.

1. Light path: A. adjustment of light path: the light point on the trolley must be in the center, and the light path must be vertical
B. Wipe the lens, wipe the lens with the paper dipped in medical alcohol, and the lens can be tested without water stains
C. Do not adjust the trimming nut at the back of the lens at will

2. Wipe the upper lubricating frame of the guide rail and grease it as much as possible to avoid the roll shaft rusting, which will affect the accuracy of the laser equipment

3. When the cooling water temperature is between 20 ℃ and 35 ℃, the cooling water should be changed once a week. If the workload is heavy, the water should be changed frequently (pure water is recommended to avoid the formation of scale in the laser tube, which will affect the normal operation of the laser tube.

4. Fan: when cutting, carving wood bamboo products, cloth, paper and other materials with smoke, be sure to turn on the fan to extract smoke. According to the specific needs of the work, the customer can decide to clean the fan within half a year

5. Hair dryer: in the work is to turn on the hair dryer, H work material to avoid fire. If there is smoke, the focusing lens will be blackened, which will affect the output effect of the laser

6. The electrostatic machine should be grounded to avoid affecting the normal operation of the machine. In the dry working environment, the bottom line should be connected to the main computer. Static electricity will make the main control panel no display or unable to load files

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