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Laser engraving machine makes wood products technology shine

The manufacturing process of wood craft gifts is just like the process of painting on white paper. So, how to transform a blank piece of wood into a handicraft with artistic value. Besides inspiration, the designer’s “brush” is also crucial. As a “sharp tool” in the new era, laser engraving machine is undoubtedly an indispensable “brush” for wood craft gifts. First of all, let’s walk into the craft gift art world under the footprint of Laser engraving machine.

Model: each part of the split plane image is drawn by software, and the image is cut on the three-dimensional wood data by laser, and then the plane physical model is assembled by hand. It can be an ornament or a work of art.

Gift box: the combination of laser hollowing out effect and model manufacturing process makes the plane model evolve into a creative gift box, which is filled with gifts and can’t be put down.
Lighting: perhaps, with the inspiration of firefly, LED lights are built into the model. Through the laser hollowed out image, people can feel the fairy tale world in the lighting.
Hanging: the application of laser engraving machine cutting graphics processing unrestricted features, can draw any creative image on wooden products. After coloring, it is put together into a funny pendant.
Accessories: of course, you can also make the wood products after laser carving into earrings, necklaces and other accessories, and sum up another kind of fashionable style of wood products!

Laser engraving machine is a magic “brush”, let you experience the painting process, let you feel the work from scratch achievement pleasure! Sangong laser is the master of high-quality laser engraving machine, which brings you convenience of processing, lets you experience technological innovation, lets you think what you want and do what you want!

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