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How to deal with the scratched focus lens of laser cutting machine

One of the common reasons for scraping the reflector is that there is dust on the reflector after using the machine for a period of time. However, attention should be paid to the cleaning process. Correct cleaning methods should be used to avoid scraping the reflector. The correct way to clean the focusing lens is to use a good cotton swab, dip in alcohol, and then gently wipe the mirror. This kind of reflector has a layer of coating on the mirror, which is easy to scratch, so it needs to be wiped gently.

In addition, use alcohol instead of water to wipe, because alcohol will volatilize, after wiping will not leave traces. If you don’t deal with this, the lens will be scratched. Of course, this kind of cleaning usually takes a period of time to clean, which will not happen during the period when the machine is just in use. Even some customers do not need to wipe if the working environment is good. The following is to say that one of the photochemical reactions can cause the lens to scratch.

CO2 laser marking machine

After the customer bought the Laser cutting machine , after a training, and then basic learning, but in the use of the machine, habitually continuous lighting. If the frequency of this dimming is too high, it will cause the reflection lens to scratch. Because the coating above will produce chemical reaction due to continuous test of dimming, and then the spot reflection will be uneven, and then the working performance of the machine will be greatly reduced, and then the metal can not be cut.

In order to avoid this situation, or in the process of training personnel training, all kinds of need to learn are manually once or twice, in the company of the training personnel to learn, not only can improve their proficiency in the operation of the machine, but also can avoid operational errors, reduce the problems behind.

So if it is found that the laser cutting machine can’t cut metal suddenly, or the cutting effect is very different from that before, it is likely that the lens is spent or the life of the laser tube is up. Of course, if the lens is operated normally, it is very difficult to scratch. It can be said that if a laser cutting machine is properly maintained, the lens will not need to be replaced for life. The lens of laser cutting machine is a kind of durable consumable. If it is not maintained properly, it will be consumed.


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