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Polyester fiber sound-absorbing board cutting equipment – carbon dioxide laser cutting machine

Polyester fiber sound-absorbing board, also known as glass wool, is a kind of sound-absorbing material made of polyester fiber by hot pressing. It has the characteristics of thermal insulation, flame retardant, light body, easy processing, stability and impact resistance. It is widely used in the decoration industry. In the application of sound-absorbing board, it needs to be cut and cut. Then, how is the sound-absorbing board cut? Today, I’d like to introduce a kind of equipment, laser cutting machine, which is widely used in sound-absorbing board cutting.

laser cuts

The laser cutting machine of sound-absorbing board, also known as carbon dioxide laser cutting machine, is a kind of equipment that can be applied to various special-shaped cutting of sound-absorbing cotton of sound-absorbing board. Laser cutting has obvious technical advantages in the cutting of sound-absorbing board. The laser uses a high-energy laser beam to focus on the surface of polyester fiber board to form a high-temperature area to achieve the effect of cutting. Accurate energy control makes the precision of laser cutting higher than that of traditional cutting methods, such as knife cutting. And the laser cutting edge is smooth and flat, without burr, focal edge and yellow edge. The operation is simple and fast. Just import the required cutting graphics into the computer, and the computer software controls the operation of the equipment, which can realize various special-shaped cutting of glass wool.

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