Our specialized Application Center continues to expand our library of
laser-applicable materials. A wider range of material applications
allows you to be creative without being limited.

Laser marking thermos cup opens the way for you to nourish yourself in spring

Traditional screen printing:
Some toughened glass is first printed with screen printing (high-temperature ink) and then toughened. In this way, the printed pattern is relatively firm, but the disadvantage is that it is not easy to apply color and there are few designs and colors; Another kind of screen printing is to print after tempering (low-temperature ink). The operation is relatively simple and the cost is lower than that of high-temperature ink, but the disadvantage is that the adhesion is slightly poor.

laser cuts

Laser marking machine

has become the hottest choice of marking pattern at present. Contrary to the traditional method, laser processing is very fast and accurate, graphics can be customized by computer programming, environmental protection and health, not easy to fade and low consumables; Therefore, laser has become a new processing method for cup marking.


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