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Laser marking coke can fat house happy water

Ice cola, also known as fat house happy water, is the source of happiness in the hot summer vacation.


If you don’t understand where the happy point of fat house happy water is, Xiaobian wants to invite you to close your eyes and imagine the following scene:

In front of you is an open refrigerator full of ice cola. You take out a can of ice cola with white gas from the refrigerator. The feeling of ice is gradually spreading from the palm of your hand, so you can’t wait to pull the ring, “por”, crisp and neat. With an immediate happy mood, the bubbling amber liquid “tons” along your throat All of them poured into the hungry esophagus, and all the boredom turned into a coke like hiccup and disappeared


Is there a little heart, a little bit out of control?

Want to hold the fat house happy water in your hand immediately! Then gulp it down!

In fact, in addition to writing on the bottle like the boys in the moving picture above, using a laser marking machine to write on a canned water bottle is more referential. Because writing on the can with a laser marking machine is not only clear at a glance, it can let your confession object know your mind immediately, but also more beautiful. It can also be saved for commemoration. In the future, whenever you see this artifact once used to express your feelings, you can revisit the romance and heart at that time.

Using laser marking machine technology, what can we mark on cans? Yue Mingjun wants to say that the laser marking technology is directly operated and processed through the computer system, which can depict all kinds of patterns and words without restrictions. So, as long as you have love in your heart, don’t restrain your imagination!


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