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Laser cutting machine wooden notebook cover

Wood laser cutting machine has made great achievements in wood cutting and carving. In recent years, notebook covers made of wood are popular, which are not only practical but also very beautiful. If you are controlled by Ben Zi, you must like such laser works very much.

If you use such a personalized notebook in your work and study, will your mood and study become a higher level?

 laser cutting machine wood

Regardless of work and study, we should use notebooks for special purpose, and the minutes at work are equally important. It is very convenient to prepare more notebooks of different styles.

With the laser hollowed out notebook, you can design your own shape at will, carve your own name, carve the purpose of the notebook and the date of use, etc. these elements can be marked on the cover of the wooden notebook as long as you want, which is convenient and beautiful.

Laser cutting process is a complete set of cutting, hollowing out, engraving and marking process. The non-contact processing of wood materials by laser will not cause the extrusion deformation of wood sheet, nor affect the color of wood itself, which has a good protective effect on the material itself.

The wooden cover notebook made by laser has very good creativity and market. It has beautiful and practical shape. It is also a conventional manufacturing industry of laser cutting machine and has a broad market.


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