Our specialized Application Center continues to expand our library of
laser-applicable materials. A wider range of material applications
allows you to be creative without being limited.

Laser carved paper packaging box is a fashionable “bag”

The history of packaging design changes is deduced under the wave of consumption upgrading. Consumers buy not only products, but also packaging boxes, which have already crossed the functional attribute category and undertake the role of more brand publicity. Laser carved packaging boxes enable products with unlimited creativity to create unique brand memory


The exquisite packaging box can move people’s hearts. In addition to its high appearance value, the packaging box should also have brand recognition. In the face of a wide range of packaging boxes on the market, it is not easy to attract picky consumers at the first sight. The laser carving process with illusory extraordinary magic makes the packaging box catch people’s eyes and stimulate consumption in an instant

Packaging box is not only packaging, but also a concrete communication medium of brand culture. Laser engraving injects ideas and soul into the packaging box, prompts product information for consumers, and successfully transmits the unique brand culture, branding a profound brand image in their hearts

Packaging in the era of consumption upgrading should balance the contradiction between sales and environmental protection. Pollution-free laser technology and laser engraving of recyclable paper packaging boxes minimize the pollution brought by packaging and synchronously continue the benign position of the brand in the hearts of consumers. Consumers are moved by the intention of the brand, which improves the brand’s popularity

The packaging box is the container of products and also carries “image, culture and values”. Laser engraving breaks the traditional packaging design concept, combines the beauty of packaging and business demands, makes people fall in love at first sight and leaves a unique and beautiful brand memory


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