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Laser cutting clothes hanger, storage should also be beautiful

As an essential household product in our daily life, clothes hanger is also a necessity of every family life. We have seen all kinds of clothes hangers in our daily life. Today, Xiaobian will share with you a special article on clothes hangers cut by laser to analyze the different highlights of clothes hangers for you.

Dede, a Greek design firm, designed a clothes hanger called “skip”. It is made of white plexiglass and cut by laser cutting machine. It is only 4mm thick, but it is very strong and durable.


This hanger also has the fun of design and the practicability of function: the shoulder part of the skeleton can be used to hang shirts or coats, the ribs can be used to hang accessories such as belts and necklaces, and the rectangular frame at the bottom can be used to hang pants. It really makes the best use of everything! For people with tight wardrobe space, this hanger is also a good storage helper.

Laser cutting can also customize clothes hangers from Monday to Sunday, so that you can easily choose your clothes every day and don’t have to get up early! Of course, you can also customize your favorite text.

As a new processing method, laser cutting technology can be processed on most non-metallic materials such as plexiglass, wood board, acrylic, two-color board and so on. It has not only become an important processing tool for many designers, but also a high-quality choice for advertising design industry and customization


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