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Thunder Laser Video

How to choose a reliable laser cutter

▷ How to choose a reliable laser cutter
laser parametes

Thunder Laser Video

Laser Samples Parameters

▷ Laser Samples Parameters

  • Rotary Axis(Optional)

    Release Time:2016/06/07Browsing Times:1682

    If you want to work on round items such as tumbler, mug and bamboo pipe by fabric laser cutting machine, the common laser working cannot meet your needs. As the common laser machine can only proces...

  • Water cooling system(Optional)

    Release Time:2016/06/07Browsing Times:1028

    When the laser tube is working, it will produce a large amount of heat. The heat may lead to the glass tube break once it reach a certain temperature, therefore it is necessary to use a cooling sys...

  • Multiple color layers mapping setting

    Release Time:2016/06/01Browsing Times:997

    When we use co2 laser engraving cutting machine to engrave or cut a complicated graphics, we want to achieve different engraving and cutting result. At this time we can use the software function of...