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Walking Art: laser engraving woodcut

Laser carving handicraft refers to the use of high energy density laser beam projected on the surface of the material, the material surface physical or chemical changes, so as to obtain visible patterns of carving handicraft.

According to materials, laser carving crafts can be divided into paper llaser engraving machine, cloth laser carving crafts, wood laser carving crafts, bamboo laser carving crafts, leather laser carving crafts and plexiglass laser carving crafts

CO2 laser marking machine

With the rapid development of optoelectronic technology, laser engraving technology is widely used, and the requirements of carving precision are higher and higher. The four fundamental factors that affect laser carving are: carving speed, laser power, carving accuracy and materials. If the carving effect is to be achieved on a specific material, it is required to absorb a certain energy laser, which should be regarded as the laser energy absorbed by the material = laser power / carving speed. In short, to improve the laser energy absorbed by materials, we should improve the laser power or reduce the carving speed. As for the last method, we must depend on the material and the final carving effect. Generally speaking, users will avoid high and low speed, because it will reduce production efficiency. In fact, the carving efficiency is not only the carving speed, but also the carving accuracy has a great impact on it. Laser engraving is made of wood.

Wood painting — with all kinds of wood as materials, famous paintings at home and abroad as the theme, exquisite carving as the form of expression, the works are simple and elegant, which is the best choice for modern home decoration. Woodcarving book: it is a novel and unique book with high-quality natural wood as raw material. After cutting, shaping and polishing, it carves words, patterns and other contents. It can be read carefully in leisure time, and can also be used as decorative ornaments in the residence to highlight the owner’s unique aesthetic taste. Bamboo slips, which began in the Zhou Dynasty in the 11th century BC, are the oldest books in China. The exquisite bamboo slips are made of the best bamboo materials and have gone through dozens of fine processing procedures. They are carved with classic ancient books, poems and allusions, aphorisms and famous calligraphy and painting scores. The products are exquisite, elegant, ancient and far-reaching. They are of great value for cultural and artistic appreciation and fill the market gap of cultural gifts and collections, It is the first choice for people from all walks of life to collect and present.


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