The machine won’t turn on

If it’s pressed, please reset it, like below…..

How to calibrate the working table to level.

There are three cases. 1. Two sides of the working table are not of the same height…..

Some point of the same piece of materials can not be cut through, why

Some point of the same piece of materials cannot be cut through, why? This problem is mainly caused by following three reasons:….

Why the laser has no laser beam?

Following reasons cause the failure of laser working (has no laser beam) 1. Cooling system problem (includes water chiller) 2. Laser power supply (optical coupled isolator) or Laser tube….

Why the Y axis cannot work suddenly?

1. Please check if the rotary switch is turned on,like below:….

Why does the cutting and engraving graphics reverse (mirror)

Why does the graphic size that imported to RDWorks different from its original size

If the file being imported is DXF format, the problem may be caused by improper software setting. For example, the unit of the original DXF file is “inch”, but in RDWorks, the DXF unit is set as “mm”…..

How to run several laser machines with one PC

If there are several USB interfaces with your PC, it’s able for one PC (laser software) to connect with several machines. But pc will does only communicate with one machine and sending the file into the laser in the same time….

How to install the CorelDraw plugin for RDWorks

1. Firstly run CorelDraw and set the parameter following below instructions:….

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