Engraving problem—the engraving quality is very poor

The bending of the material or the uneven working table can result in different focal lengths, especially for the large engraving graphic…..

The laser tube won’t fire the beam

Please make sure laser switch is on, then open lower left hand door panel (or back side door panel), check if the laser power supply is showing sign of receiving power — fans is running and power light is up, like below. ….

X-axis not moving at all

Locate on the left side of x-axis, please check if the wiring and roller lever of switch are well or not, like below. ….

Y-axis not moving at all

Alarm message of LCD panel—Machine protected

LCD panel shows the following information: ….

Alarm message of LCD panel—Water error

LCD panel shows the following information: ….

Alarm message of LCD panel—No enough extend space

For example, if you want to engrave a picture of 200×200mm, you move the laser head to the top left corner of the working table and press the “Origin” to set the starting point…..

Alarm message of LCD panel—Frame/X/Y Slop over

If your laser cutter’s working area is 600×400mm, but you want to cut a graphic which larger than 600×400mm, this warn appears. Since the laser is not able to work beyond its working…..

Why noisy while moving laser head front and back, how to adjust?

When you move laser head front and back, two couplings make a lot of noise…..

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