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The laser engraving machine for garment fabrics replaces the traditional printing and dyeing process

Monotonous garment fabrics can glow beautiful colors and improve the quality of details through dyeing and printing process. The traditional fabric printing and dyeing processes usually include: chemical printing and dyeing, heat transfer printing, digital spray printing and so on. However, they all have a unified feature – cumbersome process. From the design of pattern to the success of garment printing and dyeing, many complex steps are required, and the change of pattern is very difficult. The increasing personalized demand of the market has an impact on the traditional printing and dyeing process. Many manufacturers choose to introduce laser engraving process to solve the process problems.

laser engraving

Laser engraving!. technology refers to the principle of using large format laser marking machine and laser beam to irradiate the cloth surface to form high temperature and burn the pattern pattern, so as to realize laser engraving on the cloth. The pattern carved by laser is a single color, which is deepened by the color of the cloth itself, and the concave convex effect is carved on the surface of the cloth. Just import the marking pattern into the computer, which can not only realize fabric engraving quickly and efficiently, but also solve the complex and changeable graphics easily.


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