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STEAM course|Let’s make a wooden frame together!

Preface: A series of National first laser STEAM education courses are going to start! Mr. Paul will take you into the whimsy maker world on time every Wednesday. Our laser machine can be used to make a lot of interesting items that out of our imagination, today, what will Mr. Paul bring something interesting for us?

wood laser engraver

Photo is a funny thing, it can save a person’s beautiful appearance and precious picture. Time flies, those golden memories are still vivid in your mind. Most of the photos we take in life are not perfect, as has our life. However, for this reason, we have a perfect picture is more precious.

The wood has never fading charms and give away a nostalgic feeling, it’s perfect for protecting rare photos. Now, let’s learn how to make a wooden frame!

In our impression, the wooden frame is natural, kind, beautiful and heavy. It not only has the characteristics of resistance to moisture, non-fading, non – deformation, but also has a strong third dimension and bring different visual impacts to people. Following our STEAM course, just need to three basic steps. It’s easy to make a wooden frame.

Three steps to finish the software operation.

Step 1: import the design into LaserMaker.

wood laser engraver

Step 2: according to the material type and thickness to select the corresponding parameter in the material library.

wood laser engraver

Step 3: Click the “Load” button, the design will be downloaded to the machine, you can prepare to start laser cutting work.

wood laser engraver

Download to the machine

Assemble components.

When the machine is finished, take out the parts of plywood and put them aside, let’s begin to assemble the wooden frame!

wood laser engraver

Fixed the base of frame

wood laser engraver

Put the photo in the wooden frame

wood laser engraver


Exquisite wooden frame display on the desk, with photos of our beloved, it’s daily grind of life and precious memories by us.

wood laser engraver

wood laser engraver

Our laser machine can be used to make a lot of interesting items that out of our imagination, Every Wednesday we will update our STEAM education courses, let’s waiting for Mr. Paul’s more wonderful courses!


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