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Rotary Axis(Optional)

If you want to work on round items such as tumbler, mug and bamboo pipe by fabric laser cutting machine, the common laser working cannot meet your needs. As the common laser machine can only process on plane materials, if you cut or engrave on the round items directly, the size of the laser dot would change as the radian of the round item which leads the different processing result on different parts of object.


As you can see from the picture, point A of laser beam is very small, while point B is much bigger size. When laser beam moving from point A to point B on co2 laser cutting machine, the size is getting bigger which make the processing result too bad so that it can’t be adopted.

So, is there any tips to solve this problem? The rotary axis attachment of Thunder Laser desktop laser engraver is designed for helping you to solve this problem.

rotary axis

The operating principle of rotary axis is to fix a round items on the rotary axis and cancel Y axis moving, then the rotary axis would drive the round item rotating to be a plane (comparing to the X axis).

With the rotary axis working, you can not only use your laser machine to engrave on the round items, but also to cut. As the rotary axis height is high, it must be used on up and down table laser paper cutter machine.




Engraving samples by rotary axis


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