Our specialized Application Center continues to expand our library of
laser-applicable materials. A wider range of material applications
allows you to be creative without being limited.

High quality optics

Focal lens: Thunder Laser use ZnSe focus lens cause ZnSe has low absorption on infrared long wave and can transmit the visible light, it become the best choice of making the infrared lens.

The common ZnSe focus lens is in shape of concave-convex or plano-convex. Advantage of plano-convex lens is low cost, while the concave-convex lens is more expensive but better performance.

All Thunder laser cutting machine use concave-convex lens, because the concave-convex lens can focus the laser beam into a smaller and more energy spot so as to get a more excellent cutting and engraving result.

Reflecting Mirrors: Thunder Laser cutter use the molybdenum mirrors as the standard reflecting mirrors of the laser cutting machine. The molybdenum mirrors have a high reflectivity, moreover, it’s durable especially for dirty working environment. Usually the laser working will produce many kinds of dust and fog, common reflecting mirrors will be easily be not well use after polluted and aging quickly which greatly decrease the working efficiency. However, the molybdenum reflecting mirrors is able to reflect high power laser beam and also durable to be wiped even work in bad environment. All above advantages of molybdenum reflecting mirrors bring it the longer service life.


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