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Engraving problem—how to Improve Engraving Quality in the scan mode of X-swing

some trouble of laser cutter
The engraving quality working on x-swing is generally worse than x-unilateralism, it usually results in ghosting effect or image offset or bi-directional engraving offset, like below.

some trouble of laser cutter

In RDworks, you can adjust the Reverse Interval to improve this issue.
some trouble of laser cutter

1. Open the test file;

Click the link below for the test file:

some trouble of laser cutter
You only need to test and adjust for above four speeds then other speed from 1mm/s to 1000mm/s will be calibrate automatically.


2. Test and calibrate the Reverse Interval;

Open System Setting window: Config >> System Setting >> General Settings, like below.

some trouble of laser cutter
These are default values for reverse interval, you may need to calibrate them for your machine.

Let’s test and calibrate.
Send the file to your laser machine and test, look at the results with a magnifying glass then adjust the values of reverse interval until the lines will align horizontally, like below.

some trouble of laser cutter
some trouble of laser cutter some trouble of laser cutter

Note: Each time you change the value of reverse interval, please send again file to your machine and test.



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