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Development of laser cutting machine

The laser cutting and drilling of plastic film seems insignificant, but the introduction of technology into the manufacturing process will further optimize the bag making quality and packaging function, and further enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises. The principle and advantages of laser technology applied in plastic film cutting and drilling are introduced. The research progress of laser technology in film processing is reviewed, and the broad background of laser technology in packaging application is prospected.

As a kind of printing material, plastic film has a short history. After being printed, it can be used as packaging. It has the advantages of light and transparent, moisture and oxygen resistance, good air tightness, toughness and folding resistance, smooth surface, protection of goods, and reproduction of the shape and color of goods. With the development of petrochemical industry, there are more and more kinds of plastic films, such as polyethylene (PE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polystyrene, polyester film (PET), polypropylene (PP), nylon, etc. In our daily life, most of the plastic films are made by linear and high pressure blending, blowing or tape casting. Plastic film is widely used in the field of commodity packaging because of its transparency, air tightness, moisture resistance, thermoplasticity and other advantages.

Thin film laser cutting machine, easy to tear line of efficient production method

Easy to tear thread originated in Japan. Japan’s aging is more serious, in order to facilitate the elderly to tear open the packaging, so easy to tear line came into being.
Easy to tear line was made by mechanical scratch before, but the traditional marking method has defects, which can’t control the marking depth. If the scratch is too shallow, the product package is as difficult to tear, and the easy to tear line has no value; if the scratch is too deep, the composite layer of the product package will be damaged, and the product in the package is easy to deteriorate.

Laser is a domestic enterprise that proposes laser instead of mechanical processing technology for film packaging industry. It is specially designed for easy tear line and quantitative air hole of film, with fast marking speed, easy operation of equipment, stable performance and long service life. Scm-55 combines laser technology, optical technology, precision machinery, electronic technology, computer software technology, refrigeration and other disciplines in one of the high-tech products. Compared with the traditional mechanical gear pressure hole, the speed is faster, the size of the hole spacing can be adjusted more evenly, and it can achieve arbitrary direction, shape, and multiple easy to tear line marking.
Application of laser cutting machine in industry

Laser marking of quantitative air hole, easy tear mouth and heat seal label in food and beverage, cultural products, hardware tools, general merchandise, chemical products, electronic appliances, metal products and other industries. Plastic packaging factory, plastic printing factory, plastic printing and packaging, printing and packaging, flexible packaging, etc.

Common film label materials include PE, PP, pet, PVC, synthetic paper, etc. different materials have different characteristics and application fields. They can still maintain their functionality, dimensional stability and appearance effect when exposed to humidity, moisture, chemical solvent, grease and ultraviolet light. With the acceleration of industrialization and the enhancement of people’s awareness of environmental protection, the application proportion of film in the label market shows a high growth trend.


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