Our specialized Application Center continues to expand our library of
laser-applicable materials. A wider range of material applications
allows you to be creative without being limited.

Laser marking, laser engraving and laser cutting of composite materials, fibre-reinforced composites

Unlimited number of materials – cut accurately with laser

Composite material (two acrylic plates)•If basic materials that are suitable for laser are used, composite material combinations can often be cut and engraved without any problem.

  • Materials suitable for laser processing that contain artificial fibres are generally welded so that fraying is prevented.
  • In most cases the laser process with its thermal effect ensures clean welding of the materials on the cutting edge.
  • Contact-free processing! So the material is not stressed or damaged –no clamping necessary.
  • Small cutting width! A high level of repeatability and accuracy are the outstanding features of the laser process, especially in the case of technical applications.
  • Extremely fine contours and practical radius-free inner edges can be created.


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