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A laser cutting machine makes a variety of clothes

Clothing is a necessary thing in our daily life. It is not only for everyone to decorate themselves and protect themselves, but also for an identity, an attitude towards life and an expression of personal charm. Especially for female friends, it seems that there is always a lack of clothes in the wardrobe. In this era of pursuing individuality and novelty, clothing manufacturers are always designing and creating more fashionable clothing through different materials and different processes. Therefore, in order to meet these personalized requirements, clothing manufacturers have chosen laser technology – laser cutting machine to achieve.

As a new processing method, laser processing has played a more and more important role in leather, textile and garment industry. As we all know, optical manufacturing (laser processing) is a kind of digital and automatic technology with fast speed and low cost. It is composed of software and hardware. Compared with traditional processing methods, it has unique technical advantages. At present, using laser can mark and cut clothing. The following section briefly introduces the application of laser cutting machine in the clothing industry, We can not only be used for garment cutting, but also can be used for carving with hollowed out effect. We have the advantages of processing a wide range of fabrics, smooth incision, no flash, automatic closing, no deformation, graphics can be designed and output by computer at will, no knife mold is needed, and lace of any shape and size can be cut. We are fully satisfied with today’s fantastic idea of clothing.

 laser cutting machine clothing

As a laser equipment manufacturer, LEIYU laser develops and produces laser cutting machines and laser solutions for the clothing industry, which can perfectly serve the clothing manufacturers, make the clothing more changeable and show personalized colors in an all-round way.


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