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What is the difference between optical fiber and CO2 laser cutting machine

The difference between fiber laser cutting machine and carbon dioxide laser cutting machine is as follows:

Optical fiber laser cutting machine is mainly used for cutting metal materials, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, silicon steel, aluminum alloy, aluminum, copper, electrolytic plate, pickling plate, etc.

CO2 laser cutting machine is called non-metallic laser cutting machine, mainly cutting gypsum, fiberboard, leather, cloth, plexiglass, acrylic, plastic, ceramic tile, crystal and other non-metallic materials.
So there are two different types of cutting, fiber laser cutting machine recommended – Parkson laser, good technology, heavy service, you are worth having.

Principle of laser cutting machine, CO2 laser cutting machine

CO2 laser is an important part of CO2 laser cutting machine. The working principle of CO2 laser is: CO2 molecule is a linear symmetrical molecule, and two oxygen atoms are on both sides of carbon atom, which indicates the equilibrium position of the atom. The atoms in the molecule are always in motion and vibrate around their equilibrium position.

According to the molecular vibration theory, CO2 has three different vibration modes
(1) Two oxygen atoms vibrate in the opposite direction along the molecular axis, that is, the two oxygen atoms reach the maximum value and equilibrium value of vibration at the same time. At this time, the carbon atom in the molecule is stationary, so its vibration is called symmetric vibration.
(2) The two oxygen atoms vibrate in the same direction perpendicular to the molecular axis, while the carbon atom vibrates in the opposite direction perpendicular to the molecular axis. Because the vibration of three atoms is synchronous, it is also called deformation vibration.
(3) Three atoms vibrate along the axis of symmetry, and the direction of vibration of carbon atom is opposite to that of two oxygen atoms, which is also called anti symmetric kinetic energy. In these three different vibration modes, different groups of energy levels are determined.
Laser technology is an advanced processing technology. The medium power CO2 laser for light industry enterprise customers is widely used. According to different product application fields, it can be divided into low-end, middle end and high-end, forming different levels of product echelon structure to meet the needs of different grades of customers.

Plastic, glass, mold and other non-metal cutting belongs to the low-end application field of medium power CO2 laser.
In the aspect of plastic cutting, the main advantage of CO2 laser cutting is to complete the cutting of parts with extremely complex shape at a fast speed without stress and deformation. The greater advantage is reflected in thermoplastic materials, which can get high quality and smooth cutting surface which is difficult to get by other cutting methods. It can also be used in cutting polyester and polycarbonate materials. CO2 laser cutting equipment can cut synthetic or natural rubber up to 20 mm thick.
In the aspect of glass cutting, the machining method of using diamond grinding wheel and high hardness metal wheel is the traditional way of cutting glass and glass products. Its biggest disadvantage is that it needs to reprocess the edge after processing, there are residual asymmetric edge stress on the material, there are residual chips, micro cracks, edge is not smooth and so on, resulting in the reduction of output and other problems.
In mold cutting, the companies that make architectural models are widely used in laser cutting. They usually need to carve brickwork stacks and cut complex shapes on sheet materials. Most of the models are made of acrylic resin, which is a good material for CO2 laser cutting. Laser cutting is also widely used in special effects companies and theme park design companies. Companies equipped with CO2 laser cutting equipment in the workplace include Disney image company, industrial lighting and magic company and digital field company.
The cutting of 0.5mm-6mm steel plate, mobile phone battery outer metal shell and other metal belongs to the middle end application field of medium power CO2 laser.
0.5mm-6mm steel plate cutting is widely used in stainless steel, alloy steel, ordinary steel, carbon steel, aluminum alloy, copper alloy, titanium alloy and tool steel cutting. Its function is to improve the efficiency and speed of thin plate cutting, which can be close to or even exceed the CNC punch, so it is suitable for cutting carbon steel parts of electrical switch cabinet, textile machinery, machine tool cover, automatic elevator, tools, engineering machinery and other molds.


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