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Thunderlaser STEAM education debut the 73rd China Education Equipment Exhibition

Preface: December 26-28, 2017, Guangzhou Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Center ushered in the 73rd China Education Equipment Exhibition wonderful! China Education Equipment Exhibition, held since 1980, has been successfully held 72, has now developed into China and the world’s education equipment industries largest, most influential, most professional brand exhibition.

laser cutter news about thunderlaser

Laser STEAM Maker education “the strongest lineup”, the scene to experience the laser charm

In recent years, Maker Education has become a new mode of education for primary and secondary schools across the country. It not only promotes the implementation and improvement of the curriculum, diversifies the modes of education, but also greatly enhances the students’ ability to innovate and helps students realize their creativity. Lei Yu laser deep in the laser STEAM Maker education deep exploration, in-depth exploration of laser cutting engraving technology and characteristics of passenger education needs, and strive to integrate laser into Maker education, for more schools and educational institutions to provide a guest education solutions.

laser cutter news about thunderlaser

As the pioneer of laser STEAM education, Lei Xiaoyu took the lead to show students the charm of the laser. Unforeseen creativity, amazing laser, amazing speed, all of them make the students heart surging. Lively atmosphere more and livelier, more and more students, teachers and education experts come here, squeeze the scene packed. Thunderlaser universal artifact machine extremely fast speed, excellent performance and high efficiency and safety, has won the recognition of all walks of life on the scene.

laser cutter news about thunderlaser
laser cutter news about thunderlaser

Massive laser STEAM education courses, second change fun

At the scene, ThunderLaser gathered a wealth of experience in all parts of the country such as Maker Coke, Laser STEAM Maker Education Instructor, Laser Application Expert, and STEAM Educational Content Instructor to showcase complete laser STEAM Maker education solutions to friends from all over the world. The combination of traditional and modern innovative teaching methods not only enriches classroom interest, but also integrates knowledge of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics with existing laser cutting and engraving techniques, and aims to give students hands-on experience In cultivating innovative awareness, cultivating innovative thinking in art design, stimulating the nature of curiosity and active exploration, guiding each other to solve problems and improving students’ skills and cognitive skills in an all-round way.

laser cutter news about thunderlaser

Very challenging creative work,

Creative lighting life, creative works is to open the door to create the world, electronics, machinery, historical and cultural knowledge and other elements fully presented, together into the creative ideas for students to play in the fun to learn in the study to find taste.

laser cutter news about thunderlaser
laser cutter news about thunderlaser

LaserMaker laser software, for laser STEAM education

LaserMaker is a user-friendly, easy-to-use, feature-rich laser software for customized maker education. It is really for primary and secondary schools, supplemented by well-designed supporting tutorials and experienced teacher training, so that more Maker’s teachers will get started, so that more students to participate in creative DIY guest creative fun Reality, thus taking another major step toward realizing the great dream of the rise of the Chinese nation.

laser cutter news about thunderlaser

At present, the topic of laser STEAM education and maker education in China is extremely hot. The rapid development of education has put forward higher requirements on education management departments, teaching and learning institutions, teachers and even students. As a pioneer of laser STEAM and laser STEAM educational curriculum developer, Thunderlaser hopes to provide a convenient solution to the students and educators through the “complete machine” and laser STEAM education complete supporting solution so as to cultivate their innovative awareness and Creative thinking, all-round improvement of students’ skills and cognitive skills.

With the full implementation of the national 13th Five-Year Plan, the quality education has been greatly improved. The exploration of new educational modes such as STEAM education and student-maker education has made laser cutting and engraving technology become all kinds of competitions, societies and activities for students in our country. Carried out in the favorable tools to support and substantially exercise students’ abilities and practical ability; but also allow students to creative ideas with limited time and cost become within reach.

laser cutter news about thunderlaser

Thunderlaser to undertake 2025 China Chi mission, is responsible for school teachers, students and hobby creators like to provide professional high-quality laser equipment and software, laser STEAM education courses. Efforts to contribute to the cause of education in China, all the way forward, did not forget the initial mind, I believe Thunderlaser of STEAM education and customer education to tease forward.



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