Our specialized Application Center continues to expand our library of
laser-applicable materials. A wider range of material applications
allows you to be creative without being limited.

Laser marking, laser engraving and laser cutting in musical instruments construction

Laser systems for the processing of nonmetallic materials

  • Laser cutting and laser engraving in a single processing step
  • Smooth cutting edges – no rework necessary
  • Exhaust and filtering of cutting emissions possible
  • Nesting function helps saving valuable materials
  • Inner contours with the same high edge quality without overhead
  • No tool wear – no loss of quality
  • No fixing of material necessary due to contactless and forceless processing
  • High repeatability and accuracy of fit for single parts
  • No chips

Music which brings generations together – precision through laser systems

The production of musical instruments is an art in which precision, repeat accuracy and finest part of fit play a major role. Laser technology from thunderlaser offer you exactly those important key aspects. With the additional flexibility of the laser, you can as well quickly and easily apply individual engravings and thus fulfil finally all customer requests.


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