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How to choose a reliable laser cutter

▷ How to choose a reliable laser cutter
laser parametes

Thunder Laser Video

Laser Samples Parameters

▷ Laser Samples Parameters

  • LCD controlled panel

    Release Time:2016/06/12Browsing Times:1666

    Every Thunder laser engraver cutter equipped with a LCD control panel, so users can also control the laser engraver cutter by this panel. For example, lifting the working table up and down, achievi...

  • Smart board

    Release Time:2016/06/12Browsing Times:1747

    Smart board is used to control exhaust fan, air pump and alarm lamp while laser working. The smart board is specially designed by Thunder Laser to automatically control the on/off of exhaust fan an...

  • Alarm lamp for working state for Nova system

    Release Time:2016/06/12Browsing Times:1306

    When the machine is not at work, or working with the top cover close, the alarm lamp is in green color. If the top cover opened during laser working or start the machine without closing the door, t...

  • Motorized table for Nova system

    Release Time:2016/06/12Browsing Times:1565

    If you only need to process some thin materials by wood laser cutting mahcine, a fixed working table can fulfill your needs. But if you need to process some big size materials such as wooden box or...

  • High speed Hybrid servo motor

    Release Time:2016/06/12Browsing Times:1900

    Thunder Laser cutting machine use the high-speed Hybrid servo motor. This motor works with low noise and high speed. Meanwhile it has the impact protection and high security to work stable. The mor...

  • Red Dot Pointer for Nova system

    Release Time:2016/06/12Browsing Times:1689

    As we know co2 laser is invisible, we cannot get the position of laser dot while laser engraving machine working. However, we need to know the accurate position before dealing with the material mos...

  • Emergency stop for Nova system

    Release Time:2016/06/11Browsing Times:1324

    When your CO2 laser cutting engraving machine is working abnormally, please immediately press the emergency stop, then the machine power will be cut off very soon, and the machine will stop working...

  • 3D engraving

    Release Time:2016/06/11Browsing Times:2060

    Thunder Laser engraving machine can create the delicate 3D images. We can set the 3D engraving setting activated on the software, then the wood laser engraving machine will adjust the laser power a...