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How to choose a reliable laser cutter

▷ How to choose a reliable laser cutter
laser parametes

Thunder Laser Video

Laser Samples Parameters

▷ Laser Samples Parameters

  • The strong machine case

    Release Time:2016/06/12Browsing Times:1469

    A heavy strong machine case of fabric laser cutting machine can resist the machine shaking, especially when the machine work in higher speed. This is good for us to improve the laser machine perfor...

  • Air assist

    Release Time:2016/06/12Browsing Times:2470

    The air assist of co2 laser engraving machine is used for blowing air to prevent the material being burned while cutting. When laser cutting some kinds of material, it would produce sparks which ma...

  • Standard laser head

    Release Time:2016/06/12Browsing Times:1742

    Standard laser head is the laser head of the laser cutting machine that installed a 2″ focus lens, we also call it 2″ laser head. It is good enough to engrave letters and most simple pa...

  • Large buffer memory

    Release Time:2016/06/12Browsing Times:1249

    Once you load the file to the laser engraver machine from computer, the file would be saved in the memory of the laser engraver machine. Then if you need to process the same file next time, you can...

  • Free Home position

    Release Time:2016/06/12Browsing Times:1460

    If you don’t want to start the work from the original point when you get on laser cutting or laser engraver, but from another positions to start, you can freely change the starting position by the ...

  • USB disk interface

    Release Time:2016/06/12Browsing Times:1456

    If there’s no computer in the place you put the laser machine, or you have several laser cutting machines but only one computer and the USB cable is not long enough, how to load the file to the las...

  • Connection ways

    Release Time:2016/06/12Browsing Times:1362

    Thunder Laser cutting machine provides two convenient ways of connection. You can connect your laser system with computer by either the high-speed Ethernet line or the USB cable line. In addition t...

  • High quality optics

    Release Time:2016/06/12Browsing Times:1741

    Focal lens: Thunder Laser use ZnSe focus lens cause ZnSe has low absorption on infrared long wave and can transmit the visible light, it become the best choice of making the infrared lens. The com...