Thunder Laser Australia machine
We are Thunder Laser Australia
Nova laser engraving and cutting machine
Thunder Laser Australia machineWe are Thunder Laser Australia
Nova laser engraving and cutting machineWe are Thunder Laser Australia

Thunder Laser

Thunder Laser Australia specializes in high-precision, high-speed laser engraving and cutting machines as well as fiber marking machines. These machines are designed to meet stringent safety standards and have obtained CE level 1 safety certification, ensuring a secure working environment.

With our advanced technology and user-friendly interfaces, Thunder Laser Australia’s machines deliver exceptional results on a wide range of materials, ideal for all industries including manufacturing, advertising, jewellery, education and more.


Discover the extraordinary power of Thunder Laser Australia machines, where limitless possibilities await you. At our esteemed company, we take great pride in our dedicated applications lab, meticulously designed to meet the ever-growing market demands. From cutting-edge materials to groundbreaking techniques.

Our engraving and cutting machines empower you to push the boundaries of endless possibilities.

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  • wood


    You don’t have to spend money on purchasing more new endmills or spend time on polishing them again.Since you have a Thunder Laser Cutter…

  • Fabric and Leather


    As a new processing method, laser cutting and engraving has many advantages such as high precision, fast application…

  • Bamboo


    Our thunder laser co2 laser engraver is very suited for engraving on bamboo. With our thunder laser, you can engrave graphic, words and logos on bamboo objects. The engraving speed is fast …

  • Laser Engraving Metal


    Thunder Laser engraving machine is very good for engraving images on painted metal such as coated metal and anodized aluminum. The laser engraving machine is widely used for marking and …






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