Laser Engraving Metal

Coated_Metal1 laser engraver

Thunder Laser engraving machine is very good for engraving images on painted metal such as coated metal and anodized aluminum. The laser engraving machine is widely used for marking and labeling on painted metal products. With the laser engraving machine, you can engrave your designed graphic (images, words and logos) on painted metal products, which is commonly applied to electronics engraving (mobile phone shell engraving), logo engraving, photo engraving and nameplates & desk sets, etc.

Coated_Metal1 laser engraver
Coated_Metal1 laser engraver
Coated_Metal1 laser engraver
Coated_Metal1 laser engraver

Using the laser engraving on painted metal, the engraving speed is very fast, the cost of laser engraving is very low, the whole process is very easy to operate and the engraving result is excellent and of high precision. Meanwhile, laser engraving uses the non-contact engraving which will not damage the metal and create the high quality engraving result. Thus, the laser engraving machine is the best choice for you to engrave on metal.



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