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How to choose a reliable laser cutter

▷ How to choose a reliable laser cutter
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Laser Samples Parameters

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  • New: Drawer for collecting small working pieces

    Release Time:2020/06/03Browsing Times:355

    The drawer is made for collecting small working pieces easier and also cleaning up.

  • RF Laser Tube

    Release Time:2020/06/03Browsing Times:690

    The RF metal lasers are designed to operate without high voltage or water cooling. This makes RF metal lasers inherently safer to operate in almost any environment. RF metal lasers are designed to ...

  • New: Upper & Lower Vent

    Release Time:2020/06/03Browsing Times:369

    New feature for Odin series with Upper and Lower exhaust ventilations design, to remove the heated and burned smoke from the material surface timely while engraving and cutting.

  • Dual Air-Assist System

    Release Time:2020/06/03Browsing Times:612

    There're 2 modes for air assist. Cut and Engrave. The 2 air solenoids are controlled with the smart board. There are also 2 needle valves mounted on the front left panel so you can adjust the ...

  • New: Eightfold Open-flap protection

    Release Time:2020/06/03Browsing Times:310

    8 x Open-cover protection sensor switches were installed on four covers, there are 2pcs in the back of the machine where to install the laser source, 2pcs in the left cover of the machine, 2pcs in ...

  • Newly-designed focus lens and mirror holder

    Release Time:2020/06/03Browsing Times:372

    New lens holder design for Odin series. With the new design, you can take out the lens and mirror easily by one step! Which makes daily lens/mirror cleaning much easier and faster. Besides, if you ...

  • High quality power cable

    Release Time:2020/06/03Browsing Times:317

  • Integrated honey comb table

    Release Time:2020/06/03Browsing Times:258

    Thunder Laser cutting machine standard equips a honey comb table. When cutting on the honey comb table, the laser beam can pass through the material to increase the working efficiency, and reduce t...