laser cutting wood bridge

You don’t have to spend money on purchasing more new endmills or spend time on polishing them again.Since you have a Thunder Laser Cutter…

Fabric and Leather

laser engraving leather

As a new processing method, laser cutting and engraving has many advantages such as high precision, fast application…


laser engraving bamboo

Our thunder laser co2 laser engraver is very suited for engraving on bamboo. With our thunder laser, you can engrave graphic, words and logos on bamboo objects. The engraving speed is fast …

Laser Engraving Metal

Laser engraving metal

Thunder Laser engraving machine is very good for engraving images on painted metal such as coated metal and anodized aluminum. The laser engraving machine is widely used for marking and …



Our thunder laser cutter use co2 laser tube, so it is very good at dealing with acrylic. With our thunder laser machine, you can cut the acrylic (even thick one), you can engrave photos…


Laser engraving glass

Thunder laser engraver also specializes in engraving and etching photos and images on glass. The co2 laser engraver used the non-contact engraving process with the very fast engraving speed…



Thunder laser cutter is very suitable to cut foam materials. As it cuts in a non-contact way, so there will not have damage or deformation on the foam. And the heat of co2 laser will seal…

Double Color ABS


Thunder Laser cutter can apply to cut Double Color ABS with fast cutting speed and excellent cutting result. Of course, the cutting quality mostly depends on the cutting power and speed…



Many customers like to use laser engraver for engraving photos on tombstone. In fact, using laser engraver is really helpful for people to engrave photos on tombstone and other granite objects…



The paper cutting quality is very reliable when you use a thundre laser cutter. Thunder laser cutting machine use a non-contact way to work on the target materials. It will not press on the material…


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