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Water cooling system(Optional)

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When the laser tube is working, it will produce a large amount of heat. The heat may lead to the glass tube break once it reach a certain temperature, therefore it is necessary to use a cooling system to protect the laser tube.

For a 50watt laser tube, we can use the water pump(standard accessory comes with laser cutting machine) to cooling the tube. However, water pump has no refrigerating ability, If we use a higher power(for example more than 80w) tube to do cutting and engraving job, the water temperature will increase as long as laser working from time to time. In this way, the hot temperature will affect the stability of laser tube and reduce the processing quality of laser beam, meanwhile it may also cause the CO2 leaking from the glass tube and make the tube break finally.

Therefore, Thunder laser suggests you to use the water chiller as the cooling system when you use the laser tube more than 80 watt. Since the water chiller has the refrigerating capacity and can adjust the temperature intelligently to keep the temperature within a certain range, thereby to ensure the stability of laser working, reduce the air leakage and slow down the aging speed so as to improve the life of laser tube.

According to different wattage of laser tube and different application, Thunder Laser provides different models of water chiller for your choice. Please contact with our service team and choose a right chiller model before you make an order.

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