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Comparison of different laser heads

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After passing through the focus lens, the laser beam is not vertical but in a cone shape. Different laser heads have different focal distances which produce different verticality of laser beam and different size of focal dots. According to the different applications of customers’, we provide 3 different kinds of laser head for Thunder Laser cutter engraver system.

Generally speaking, the focus lens with long focal distance will produce a more vertical laser beam so it is better for cutting thick material. However, focus lens with short focal distance will produce a higher precision laser dot so it is better for engraving high definition photos and small size letters.

Besides, longer focus lens means bigger laser dots, thus the cutting gap will be larger. If the material is not very thick, It is better to use a shorter focus lens to get a better cutting result with fine gap.

Type Laser dot Size Focal Distance Main Function
Standard Laser Head 0.0039″(0.099mm) 5.0mm~6.5mm Cutting material less than 10mm, Engraving photos within 500DPI
High Resolution Head 0.0020"(0.050mm) 3.0mm~4.0mm Engraving photos up to 1000DPI, cutting material less than 1mm
4″ Laser Head 0.0078″(0.198mm) 9.0mm~11mm Cutting material more than 10 mm

Specification of standard laser head

Specification of 4″ laser head

Specification of HR laser head