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How do I determine the optimal laser parameters for my material? Finding the right laser parameters is a must for achieving the best possible laser cutting and laser engraving results.

When the laser marking machine meets the cushion, the story begins

Release Time:2022/03/16 Blog Browsing Times:29

The pace of winter is coming quietly, and the sudden decrease of temperature makes us have to take out all kinds of cold and frost proof equipment. Then, is there a warm cushion on the cold seat, so that we have enough warmth to resist the cold winter. With the development of economy, our requirements for the cushion are not only warm, but also beautiful, fashionable and high-grade, which makes many businesses make great efforts in the design of the cushion and produce a batch of cushions integrating beauty and practicality. The cushion excitation marking machine is also widely used in the production of cushions at this time.

Due to the different shapes of seats, our cushions are also diverse. With the development of society, people are increasingly pursuing customized services. The emergence of cushion laser marking promotes the diversified development of cushions and brings customized services to a new level.

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For the cushion in autumn and winter, we usually choose plush cloth, pure cotton cloth, microfiber cloth, brushed pu leather, etc. because of its good warmth retention, it is loved by most people. Cushion laser marking machine is widely used in the marking of various cushions, with beautiful effect, less wear on the material itself, safe operation and no pollution.