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How do I determine the optimal laser parameters for my material? Finding the right laser parameters is a must for achieving the best possible laser cutting and laser engraving results.

Personalized customized creative and practical acrylic key chain

Release Time:2022/03/02 Blog Browsing Times:28

Good things always bring people a good mood. An acrylic key chain printed with your favorite pattern will make people feel happy.

Acrylic material is transparent and beautiful, with good display effect. It is made into a key chain and then designed with various unique patterns, which is very attractive to people.

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The key chain made of acrylic can support a variety of style design and arbitrary shape selection, such as cartoon pattern, Aidou meizhao, company image logo, QR code, etc. Kaxiu acrylic engraving and cutting machine has the functions of engraving and cutting at the same time, which can further make complex and creative designs on the key chain. The special non-contact cutting method of laser will not damage the material itself and cause scratches; Its cutting precision is high. For the shape requiring high precision, small and meticulous, the cutting effect quality is high, and the incision is smooth and traceless without yellowing. This equipment is easy to operate and supports a variety of file formats. It is very suitable for cutting and engraving needs of small batch, multi style and personalized customization.

Similarly, it is not only a key chain, but also can be upgraded to make various ornaments. For example, for the price plate, display plate, publicity plate, Star Idol support plate made by acrylic, kaxiu acrylic engraving and cutting machine can carry out engraving and cutting process processing.