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How do I determine the optimal laser parameters for my material? Finding the right laser parameters is a must for achieving the best possible laser cutting and laser engraving results.

Laser marking machine creates “high beauty” products in various industries

Release Time:2022/02/08 Blog Browsing Times:31

Speaking of laser marking, who else feels strange? Tell them: mobile phone case, logo, text introduction, bar code, keyboard, TV, switch, refrigerator, washing machine, bottle, and printing on clothes They are all masterpieces of laser engraving machine!

Laser marking elevation, high quality and high appearance value With the development of science and technology, people have higher and higher requirements for the quality of products, and the application field of laser marking is more and more extensive. The products printed with traditional ink or labeled with paper are easy to fade and have potential safety hazards, while the keyboards and shells marked with laser will never fade, safe and environmentally friendly. In addition to quality, people’s aesthetic taste is also getting higher and higher. Take a look at the logo, text and icon drawn by traditional ink-jet, and then take a look at the effect of laser marking. In an instant, I feel that my strength has been improved more than a little!

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Laser elevation efficiency Why has laser marking been integrated into all aspects of our life so quickly? It has been said that laser marking has good quality and high appearance value, which is also obvious to all! The most important thing is the high production efficiency of laser marking! Laser marking saves expensive consumables such as “inkjet” in traditional marking, saves a lot of costs, and improves efficiency and quality at the same time. It’s really fast and good!. Laser marking has the characteristics of high precision, fast speed and clear marking. It can print all kinds of words, symbols and patterns on the plane and arc surface of all kinds of products. Laser marking is compatible with various advantages of laser marking and engraving. It can process complex patterns with small size on various materials. The printing mark has the anti-counterfeiting performance of never wearing,