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Laser carved acrylic night lamp with you at night

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The night needs to be quiet and warm. A small acrylic night lamp, such as the streamer of “the sky is as cool as water” and the stars in the cold night in the fairy tale country, carries the shining stars to sleep with you at night. The laser carves the acrylic night lamp. May you be gentle at night

When night comes, small night lights light up slowly. The soft light of warm company cuts through the darkness in the corner, which is reassuring. It carves the beauty in the heart with laser, polishes the memory trace and the temperature of years, and evokes those unforgettable memories

Laser cutting acrylic

The mottled light and shadow are intertwined, just like stepping into the dream artistic conception in poetry. The multi-level light and shadow makes the space more vitality. With the ornament of the laser engraving machine, it goes beyond the scope of lighting, not just a simple lamp, but a work of art of life

A touch of soft yellow warmth beside the bed is an excellent sleeping tone. The fine laser engraving details are illuminated by LED light, showing a 3D light effect. The room is full of romance, creating a charming visual illusion, creating a hazy room atmosphere in the bedroom. The cure in the dark is a small night lamp, standing in the bright moonlight and accompanying you in the dark night. The laser engraving night lamp writes warmth with softness, Decorate your dream